residential stained glass
Commissioned stained glass for residences is designed to reflect the clients' vision through the artist's eye. Stained glass can portray a much loved subject while transforming an unwanted view.
Stained glass additions to a structure should be respectful of existing themes, designs and artistic elements.
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Hybrid Magnolia Bay Window
Double Dogwood Windows
Triple Dogwood
Morning glory
Custom Lights (detail)
Custom Lights
Waterfowl Triptych
Poppy Panel
Morning Glory Kitchen
Cherry Beveled Entryway
Rose and Thorn Beveled Entryway
Cardinal and Nest Window
Magnolia with Hummingbird
Four Seasons With Agates
Lady Killer
Dogwood Over Water
Secret Garden
Italian Tile Window
Morning Glory Sidelight
Rose Sidelight
Rockett Panel
Transom Panels
Transom Panels Detail
Victorian Window
"Treasure Hunter"
Celestial Light
Crane Lamp
Foyer Lamp
Tuscan-flavored Kitchen Window
Kitchen Window Detail
"White Heron"
Victorian Bevel Window
Stained Glass Entryway
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