Camp Aldersgate - Little Rock, AR
Hikers Window
"Roberta's work is certainly now engrained in our history and future!  We are all thrilled to have gotten to know you and excited to hear the positive comments as we bring more people into the cabins. " 
Sarah C. Wacaster, Executive Director, Camp Aldersgate.
"WOW! The stained glass is AWESOME.  Roberta, you outdid yourself! Thank you for all the effort and time you put in at the beginning of the project to understand Camp Aldersgate.  It really shows in the final product."   Edie Ervin
"The subtleness of Katz's design, her artistic choices on some of the glass and color and impact they have in the cabins really made me stop, admire, relax and be in a sense of awe. Katz has definitely met and exceeded my expectations in fulfilling the mission."     Greg Thompson, Greg Thompson Fine Arts
"These windows are fantastic!"      Martha Jane Murray